People will decide if Punjab govt’s claims are right or not: Navjot Singh Sidhu

Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday stated that the claims being made through the federal government of Punjab about quite a lot of achievements will probably be judged through the folks and in the event that they approve of them, the federal government will do a repeat else it’ll now not.

Sidhu was once answering questions of mediapersons at a press convention referred to as through him at his place of dwelling right here. While answering a query, Sidhu stated, “Koi kahu oh falana ae candidate, o falana mukhmantri. Koi dasda hai? Koi kehnda 26 lakh naukri. Kithon? Kiwein? Koi puchhde o? Ae kinne taye karna hai bhai ki kida agenda theek hai? Punjab de lokan ne. Navjot Singh Sidhu ne nayi taye karna. Navjot Singh Sidhu rakhega gall, marde dum tak (Someone says so and so is a candidate, so and so is Chief Minister. Does anyone tell? Someone says 26 lakh jobs. How? From where? Does anyone ask? Who will decide that whose agenda is right? The people of Punjab will decide. Navjot Singh Sidhu will not decide. Navjot Singh Sidhu will put forward his point of view till his last breath).”

When advised that it was once the Punjab executive which supplies out figures for jobs, Sidhu retorted, “Punjab Sarkar jo kujh vee kehndi hai oda faisla main karun? Ya tussi karoge? Oda faisla vee Punjab de lok karange. Ae Punjab de lok dassange ki jo Punjab sarkar kehndi hai o theek hai. Je theek hoi, dobara, je na theek hoyi, laambe (Whatever the Punjab government says, will I decide about that? Or will you decide? That too will be decided by the people of Punjab. It is the people of Punjab who will tell if whatever the Punjab government says is right. If right then a repeat, if not right then cast aside).”

He stated he must be informed the title of even one one who left a six-month time period of Rajya Sabha MP or who dismissed be offering for a ministry on the Centre. He stated his son left the put up of Assistant Advocate General. “He read the newspaper and said that papa they are accusing you of nepotism. He told his mother that if she accepts chairmanship she will see him dead and left. He has not come back. For whom was this done? For myself or for people of Punjab?Those who spread canards against me, I want to give them a reply once and for all,” he stated.

Sidhu went on to mention that he hasn’t ever requested for any put up in his political occupation and that persons are spreading canards that he has been negotiating for it. “These are efforts to defame me. Those who cannot be stopped from being successful are defamed. That which needs to be proven is not worth a toss,” he stated.

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