181 votes for 90 voters in Assam, six poll officials suspended

Six ballot officers had been suspended in Assam’s Dima Hasao district on Monday after 181 other folks had been discovered to have solid votes in a sales space, which had 90 legitimate citizens, CEO Assam Nitin Khade mentioned. The votes had been solid in Haflong meeting constituency on April 1.

“During the scrutiny of Presiding Officer’s diary and other documents, it was found that the Presiding Officer and the Polling Officers of 107-A Khothlir LP School allowed 181 persons to cast votes against the total 90 voters in that polling station,” Khade mentioned.

“The Presiding and first Polling Officer in their statements have admitted that they allowed the voters registered against the main polling station, to cast their votes in the auxiliary polling station,” the CEO added.

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