Bible being taught to kids of women prisoners, gross negligence on part of state machinery: NCPCR study

A up to date find out about via the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) at the tutorial standing of the kids of ladies prisoners has flagged circumstances of the Bible being taught to those that don’t seem to be Christian.

It cites the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, to boost this as a topic. “The Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 defined these children as ‘Children in need of Care and Protection’ and makes it binding on the State machinery to ensure that these children do not fall prey to institutions which not only compromises with their safety and security but denies them the right to preserve identity, including nationality, name and family relations as recognised by the law without unlawful interference (UNCRC),” the file states.

The file is in line with 144 responses gained from girls prisoners, their kids, heads of youngsters’s properties and hostels, heads of faculties and jail officers. The find out about lined 8 prisons intended for ladies in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra.

Under the segment that lists out issues known via the NCPCR workforce all over their consult with to the jails, the file issues out the instance of a jail for convicted girls in Lucknow that has authorized an NGO to show the Bible to the kids residing there.

In any other instance, the file speaks of a wonder consult with to a kids’s house in Ghaziabad the place kids of ladies prisoners keep. At the Asha Deep Foundation, the file states, it used to be discovered that youngsters have been being taught non secular teachings of a selected faith rather than one practiced via the kids. “The Commission conducted a surprise visit and retrieved around 26 Bibles from the lockers and rooms of the non-Christian children.”

Blaming the government, the file mentioned, “Thus, it is a gross negligence on the part of state machinery who fail to bear the responsibility towards these children, eventually provide access to these vulnerable children and further perpetuate their vested interests.”

However, Reverend H Ok Chetty, a board member of the Asha Deep Foundation, advised The Indian Express, “Yes, they conducted a visit about two years ago. The 26 Bibles they claim they found in the lockers and rooms of children were actually collected from the lockers and rooms of our staff. If we were forcibly teaching the Bible to our children then they should have found one with all of them. Why only 26? Also, did they interact with the children or ask them if we were teaching them about Christianity? No. Asha Deep Foundation has been working with children since 1991. We haven’t forced any children to accept a particular religion.”

Among different issues flagged via the find out about used to be the abnormal conferences that youngsters residing in properties and hostels have with their moms in prison. “…60 per cent of women prisoners replied that the visits conducted between their children are often irregular because the children home/hostels where they are admitted are far from the place where they are currently lodged and often admitted to CCIs in different city… While 17 per cent prisoners said that their children visit them once in three months; 10 per cent stated that children visit them monthly and 13 per cent women said that they have never met their children,” the file states.

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