Mukhtar denied food, water during Punjab-UP transfer, alleges brother; govt says no health issues

Gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari’s brother alleged on Wednesday that inhuman remedy used to be given to him while being transferred to Banda jail from Punjab, pronouncing it would were higher had he been shot useless at a street crossing.

The Uttar Pradesh executive, then again, mentioned a workforce of medical doctors of the Banda Medical College tested Mukhtar Ansari on the prison and no “immediate” well being problems had been discovered by means of it.

“Inhuman treatment was meted to Mukhtar while being shifted from Punjab to Banda jail. In over 15 hours journey, he was not given water and food on the way and was also denied medical aid. Due to this, he became unwell and reached Banda jail in a semi-unconscious state,” Afzal Ansari, the BSP MP from Ghazipur, informed PTI.

Afzal Ansari, then again, didn’t elaborate on how did he get to understand concerning the remedy meted out to his brother all the way through his switch to the Banda prison.

“The Yogi Adityanath government has left behind Britishers by such acts. Contrary to the jail manual, Mukhtar has been kept in isolation barrack. Those who have to protect laws are creating terror. It would have be better that he (Mukhtar) was made to stand at some road crossing and shot dead,” he mentioned.

The Uttar Pradesh executive in an observation issued right here mentioned, “Undertrial Ansari was brought from Punjab’s Ropar jail at about 4.50 am to Banda prison gate by a special team and he finally got entry at 5 am. All his belongings were checked and no objectionable items were found. A team of Banda Medical college doctors did his check-up and found no immediate health issues.”

“Mukhtar Ansari would be tested for COVID-19 later in the day inside the jail. According to the Supreme Court orders, with the help of district administration and Chief Medical officer, Banda, his health arrangements are being ensured,” the observation mentioned.

ADG, Prison Anand Kumar has given strict directions for round the clock safety of Mukhtar Ansari, who could also be Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA from Mau.

Elaborate preparations were made within the jail, the place he’ll be saved in barrack quantity 16, which might be underneath 24-hour digital camera surveillance, the observation mentioned, including all the Banda prison is roofed with CCTV cameras and is being monitored by means of senior officials from prison headquarter command centre in Lucknow.

For outer safety of the prison, further pressure of PAC has been deployed and Banda town Justice of the Peace has been made incharge prison superintendent for administrative and safety preparations, it mentioned.

Two new deputy jailors were deputed and extra head prison warder and prison warder were made to be had to the jail, the federal government observation mentioned.

Afzal Ansari additionally claimed that the blood-sugar degree and blood power of Mukhtar Ansari, who has diabetes, have larger and alleged that the prison management isn’t accepting the request to offer him a health care provider.

“Instead of treating him, he was being administered injection to put him to sleep,” Afzal Ansari alleged. He additional claimed that his brother used to be saved within the ambulance for over one-and-half-hours even after attaining the Banda prison.

“At around 9 am, some persons known to Mukhtar reached the jail to meet him but were returned from the prison premises. Mukhtar is an undertrial and despite this he is getting treatment like a convict,” he mentioned, including “such a treatment was never given to any undertrial in the history of the country”.

After spending over two years in a Punjab jail, Mukhtar Ansari used to be introduced again to Banda prison within the early hours of Wednesday.

He used to be ferried in an ambulance guarded by means of a powerful posse of gun-toting safety group of workers all over his 900-km adventure from Rupnagar to the Uttar Pradesh the town within the Bundelkhand area.

Mukhtar Ansari used to be lodged in Rupnagar prison in January 2019 in reference to an extortion case. He is going through 52 instances in Uttar Pradesh and in different places, and 15 of them are within the trial level.

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