Advice to states to get nod before sharing vaccine stock data to prevent misuse: Govt

The Health Ministry on Thursday stated its advisory to states to acquire permission earlier than sharing eVIN information on vaccine shares and temperature of garage is to stop any misuse of this data through more than a few businesses for industrial functions.

The ministry, then again, stated that the information on Covid-19 vaccine shares, their intake, and stability is mirrored at the CoWin platform, and it’s also incessantly shared through the Health Ministry thru weekly press meetings and day by day media releases.

The ministry issued a explanation within the backdrop of round issued to the states and UTs, advising them to not proportion information of the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN) device on vaccine shares and the temperature of vaccine garage at public boards with out prior consent. The ministry stated it’s “sensitive information” this is to be “used only for programme improvement”.

“The Health Ministry’s letter to the states and UTs in focus was intended to prevent the use of such sensitive data for unauthorised commercial purposes,” the ministry stated within the observation. “The crucial information related to specific vaccine usage trends for multiple vaccines used in Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), and temperature related data in respect to each such vaccine, can be used to manipulate the market as well as associated research with respect to various vaccines and cold chain equipment…”

It stated within the observation, “It is important to note that the Union Health Ministry is using the eVIN electronic platform for all vaccines used under UIP for more than six years now. Sharing of sensitive E-VIN data on stocks and storage, temperature requires the Health Ministry’s prior consent.”

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