PM tells BJP MPs to counter Opposition charges

Citing the “effective handling of the pandemic situation and efficient vaccination programme,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi instructed BJP MPs Tuesday to counter the Congress assault over the Covid-19 scenario.

Sources mentioned the Prime Minister, whilst addressing the BJP parliamentary birthday party assembly, slammed the Congress, describing it as a birthday party in coma, not able to digest the continuance of the BJP in energy. Modi mentioned the BJP has to counter the “deliberate attempt to mislead people that there’s shortage of Covid-19 vaccine in the country”.

Pralhad Joshi, Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, whilst briefing the media after the meet, mentioned the PM instructed MPs that the federal government’s dealing with of the placement has ensured no longer a unmarried individual is snoozing hungry.

“The Prime Minister said the Covid pandemic is not an issue of politics, but a humanitarian matter for us. After 100 years, this type of a pandemic has come. A hundred years ago, people died of starvation. But it is the first time that a huge population is getting ration and not a single person has to sleep hungry. We are doing it as our responsibility…” Joshi mentioned.

The PM, he mentioned, was once involved concerning the perspective of the Opposition. “Especially the Congress which thinks power is their right and they work with this mindset. The Prime Minister wants discussions in Parliament to be fruitful. The Congress behaves in the worst irresponsible way and disrupts proceedings in both Houses,” he mentioned.

The Prime Minister requested birthday party MPs to make sure that welfare schemes and the vaccination force achieve everybody. “Now around 41 crore people have been vaccinated. The PM was concerned over reports that in Delhi, even front line workers have not been vaccinated,” he mentioned. Citing the supply of vaccines, Modi is realized to have requested his birthday party colleagues to counter allegations in order that “the Opposition’s lies don’t fill the vacuum”.

A birthday party chief mentioned the PM requested MPs to make sure vaccination of their respective constituencies is performed with out system faults.

The Congress, resources mentioned, was once the objective of his assault in his cope with to the MPs. “It’s a party which still has a sense of entitlement because it has ruled the country for 60 years. It has still not been able to digest the fact that people have chosen us. As an Opposition, they should take up issues of people’s welfare strongly which they are not doing,” the PM was once quoted as having mentioned.

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