J&K cops: ‘Credible evidence’ against journalists

A DAY after 4 newshounds have been known as for wondering in Srinagar, J&Okay Police on Thursday claimed that “credible evidence has been found” linking them to “the mastermind who is behind the blog kashmirfight@wordpress.com”.

In July, the police had searched a number of places in Poonch, Srinagar and Pulwama and arrested people, who they mentioned, have been operating for the weblog. According to the police, the weblog “had designed a modus operandi wherein the name of the victim was first published, he was profiled giving detailed justification as to how and why he is a legitimate target for terrorists” and therefore he’s killed by way of the terrorists.

Mir Hilal, Shah Abbas, Azhar Qadri and Showkat Motta had been wondered “on the basis of the evidences collected” right through searches.

“All the above four persons were called for questioning and were allowed to go in the evening and have been directed to present themselves tomorrow again,” a police remark mentioned.

In a joint remark, a minimum of seven newshounds our bodies of Kashmir, together with the Kashmir Press Club and the Journalist Federation of Kashmir, have termed the searches and wondering of the newshounds “unfortunate”. “For the last few years, the pressure on journalists in Kashmir has mounted to unprecedented levels with dozens of incidents of attacks, harassment and intimidation by authorities that our colleagues have reported,” the remark mentioned.

IGP Vijay Kumar denied this to be “an issue of harassing journalists” and mentioned that due strategy of regulation is being adopted whilst investigating “a sensitive case”. He mentioned the ones concerned can be arrested on this case as and when the evidences are gathered.

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