Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Late Swedish Musician DJ Tim Bergling ‘Avicii’

Google on Tuesday paid an homage to Tim Bergling, popularly referred to as Avicii — the Swedish musician recognized for his super contribution to EDM. The particular video doodle celebrates the musician at the instance of his thirty second beginning anniversary on September 8, and is about to certainly one of Avicii’s most well liked hits, “Wake Me Up.” Bergling was once born in 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden, and confirmed a tendency for tune at an overly younger age. The be aware that accompanies the video doodle published that the artist had begun blending songs on the age of 16 in his bed room.

In 2011, Avicii launched the dance anthem “Levels,” which was once one of the most first innovative area tracks that crowned the charts in numerous nations together with the United Kingdom. The be aware by means of Google added, “In addition to breaking down sonic boundaries with hits like the 2013 bluegrass-house-hybrid “Wake Me Up,” Bergling was also among the first DJs and producers to share the spotlight previously reserved for vocalists and instrumentalists.”

In addition to being an amazing tune skill, Avicii was once additionally a humanitarian. “Desiring more than just industry success, Bergling also set off on House for Hunger, a 2012 American tour that donated its proceeds to combating food insecurity worldwide,” the famous defined. 

After a battle together with his psychological well being that spanned years, Avicii dedicated suicide in 2018 on the age of 28. In his reminiscence, it was once introduced in 2021 that Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe Arena could be modified to Avicii Arena.

“A symbol of Swedish pride, the arena stands today not only as an events venue but also as a hub for the exchange of ideas focused on mental health,” the be aware stated, including that the initiative is led by means of the Tim Bergling Foundation.

Tim Bergling Foundation is about up by means of the “Bergling family to honour Tim’s life and legacy, remove the stigma attached to suicide, and promote mental health awareness, especially among young people worldwide.”

Reacting to the Doodle, Bergling’s father Klas stated, “The Doodle is fantastic, my family and I feel honoured and Tim would have been very proud and love it. It is a friendly and warm story of a young man fulfilling his dream to be a DJ and at the same time telling us that our journey in life is not always easy despite fame and fortune.”

Google stated that the doodle honours Avicii’s “legacy as one of the most first artists to lift digital tune to mainstream international good fortune.” The doodle was once created by means of artists Alyssa Winans, Olivia When, and Sophie Diao.

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