Criticism of Supreme Court: A-G nod to contempt proceedings against portal editor

Attorney General Ok Ok Venugopal on Monday granted consent to begin contempt of court docket lawsuits in opposition to Ajeet Bharti, editor of the newsportal, over a video crucial of the Supreme Court and judges.

“I find that the contents of the video which has been watched by about 1.7 lakh viewers are vituperative, gross and highly derogatory to the Supreme Court of India and the judiciary as a whole being clearly intended to denigrate the courts. The allegations made by Mr Ajeet Bharti against the Supreme Court are, among other things, of bribery, favouritism and abuse of power,” the A-G mentioned in his letter granting consent.

The A-G referred to a few of Bharti’s remarks, together with one the place he mentioned “the Supreme Court was shown its real place by Prashant Bhushan, all at the expense of Rs 1” and the place he spoke about judges chickening out from listening to “Mamata Banerjee’s case” and mentioned “whatever might have been the motive behind the making of these scurrilous statements, it was obvious that the speaker who is quite educated would have known that the result would be to attract the contempt jurisdiction of the Supreme Court…”

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