Govt needs to give sense of security to people cutting across religions in J&K: Omar

Voicing worry over the hot killing of civilians, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday mentioned “everyone is feeling unsafe”, and requested the management to offer the folk a way of safety reducing throughout religions.

Pointing out that terror assaults within the Union Territory this yr had claimed the lives of 28 civilians reducing throughout spiritual strains, Abdullah, who’s the vice-president of the National Conference (NC), on the identical time was hoping there is probably not a contemporary exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and Sikhs, either one of whom were centered within the fresh days.

“All of us should try our level best to ensure that we do not see a fresh exodus of minorities from Kashmir”, he mentioned, including that nobody group feels more secure than the opposite.

“Whatever can be done to stem this and to restore the sense of security to these communities must be done. Obviously, the lion’s share of this work has to be done by the administration but as the majority community, we also carry some of that responsibility. We must fulfil that responsibility”, he instructed PTI in an interview right here.

Castigating the management for looking to “score propaganda and public relations victories rather than focus on the ground realities”, Abdullah requested the government to “take a long hard look at why we have reached where we have”.

Abdullah, on the other hand, evaded terming the hot assaults as an intelligence failure, announcing: “… I think it’s the failure to act on intelligence. That is a failure you cannot just blame the police for because the counter-militancy operations are conducted by police, paramilitary and military. It is the collective failure of our counter-insurgency grid.”

He reasoned that for the previous few months there was chatter about centered assaults towards minorities, in particular towards Kashmiri Pandits.

“So obviously, if somebody like me who has no association or anything like that with the government and is not privy to any intelligence reports, if I could hear this, then I am sure the intelligence agencies also picked it up and if they have picked it up, they would have passed it on to the people who matter,” he mentioned.

Expressing worry about locals becoming a member of quite a lot of terror teams, he mentioned this is a matter that the federal government and political events will have to be excited about.

“I am not privy to statistics, I don’t know the numbers but from my own colleagues, I do understand that this trend continues and it is not a trend limited to a particular area, we hear these reports from south, central and north Kashmir,” he mentioned.

“It is something that should concern us and again it is for the government to create the necessary conditions that these youngsters do not get attracted to the idea of picking up a gun,” he added.

Abdullah recalled the observation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 24 this yr of disposing of “dil ki doori and Dilli ki doori” (disposing of distance between hearts and between Delhi and Srinagar) and urged, “If we take some concrete steps in this direction, even this move towards joining militant tanzeems, I think we will be able to reduce it to a great extent. We may not be able to eradicate it but we will be able to reduce it”.

Abdullah, on the other hand, cautioned towards detaining other people around the valley and mentioned, “We need to be very careful not to get into knee-jerk reactions. Reactions for the sake of reacting, just because we have to show something, we do this.”

“I am sure that I don’t doubt that perhaps these 400 plus people have some sort of dossier with the government, for whatever reason — whether they were involved in stone pelting, linked to proscribed organisations. The fact is, are they directly connected to this attack or is there any linkage between them and this attack?”

“If there is, by all means proceed and file charges and let the courts decide about the guilt but this sort of random and wanton sort of arrest, it doesn’t help the situation and in fact anything it makes the situation worse,” Abdullah mentioned whilst replying to a query in regards to the fresh crackdown via police in Kashmir and detaining over 400 other people.

He mentioned the federal government must be very cautious and will have to now not be observed to be wearing out actions as a way to take revenge. Instead, it will have to be observed as an organisation or as an “entity that delivers justice by all means”, he mentioned.

Abdullah, who was once the executive minister of the erstwhile state for 6 years between 2009-14, were ready to transparent central and north Kashmir of terrorists and their supporters.

Asked whether or not he was once disheartened that where has been infested via terrorists once more, he mentioned: “Disheartened will perhaps be a strong term, disappointed and concerned yes “because we know militants are moving around in areas that have been free of militancy.”

“Srinagar city was completely cleared of militancy. Same is true for Ganderbal and Budgam districts. It is disappointing but again the government needs to take a long hard look at why these areas have been occupied again and then see what corrective measures the government needs to take. The corrective measures that are not at the cost of everybody, they know they have to be very careful how they go about their activities,” he mentioned.

Abdullah asserted that the location in Afghanistan would don’t have any affect at the safety scenario in Kashmir rather than the distinct chance “that it may act as a morale booster for terror groups operating in the Union Territory”.

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