In Bastar, tribals protest turning gram panchayats into nagar panchayats

People from tribal communities from 12 villages in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar area marched to state capital Raipur on Wednesday to sign up their protest in opposition to changing their gram panchayats into nagar panchayats.

Over 200 other folks have made up our minds to stick installed Raipur till the federal government takes heed in their calls for, they stated. Shivram Markam stated he began marching against Raipur on October 3, without a wisdom of when he would go back. “We have come with ration and utensils. We are going to sit here until the government changes the status of our village back to gram panchayat,” he stated.

The protesters stated changing gram panchayats into nagar panchayats hinders the fundamental rights of the ones residing in those areas. “The benefits of MNREGA and other government schemes won’t be available for us under nagar panchayat. Even taxation and other levies would change,” stated Domay Maurya, chairman of Bastar Nagar panchayat. “We are residents of Fifth Schedule areas — without our consent our rural area is being converted into an urban area.”

The protesters Wednesday met Governor Anusuia Uikey. “The Governor told us she had already written to the government,” Markam stated.

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