Cyclone Asani-triggered rains bring down pollutants drastically in Kolkata

Rains prompted via Cyclone Asani considerably progressed the air high quality of the town on Wednesday because the index remained under 50 (particulate subject 2.5) in maximum portions, a West Bengal Pollution Control Board legit stated.

The air high quality progressed via 60 according to cent from final week, he stated.

Last week the air high quality index used to be soaring between 60-200 (AQI – PM 2.5) which have been the fashion for the previous one month, the legit stated.

The rains, he stated, have cleansed the air of good pollution like nitrogen dioxide and different particulate issues.

“It is a known fact that rains improve air quality and lessens pollution. We hope similar conditions remain,” the legit stated.
On Wednesday, the second one day that good showers lashed the town, the AQI (air high quality index) used to be recorded at 47 (PM 2.5) at Ballygunge, 32 at Bidhannagar, 37 at Fort William, 44 at Jadavpur and 36 at Rabindra Sarobar air tracking stations at 2 pm, he stated.

The AQI used to be recorded at 70 on the air tracking station at Rabindra Bharati University in north Kolkata and 87 at Victoria Memorial within the southern phase.

From April 7 to May 7 the air pollution stage around the town used to be recorded at 90 MG/cubic metre to 150 mg/cubic metre because the finer particulates hung within the air in scorching and humid prerequisites with none rains, the legit stated.

AQI is outlined as ample whether it is between 51 to 100 inflicting minor respiring discomfort to delicate other people, he stated.
If the AQI is between 0-50, it’s outlined as just right this means that minimum affect on other people, he added.

Particulate subject 2.5 method pollution measuring two and one part microns in width and even lesser.

“With brief but frequent spells of smart shower since May 10-11, the air quality has improved by 60 per cent. If the same pre-monsoon conditions prevail even after the cyclone goes, the ambient air condition will prevail. The rains are good for sanitisation as well,” environmentalist and activist in save Rabindra Sarobar motion, Somendra Mohan Ghosh stated.

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