Trinamool relents, but seethes, as Babul Supriyo is sworn in by Deputy Speaker

Supriyo was once elected to the Assembly on April 16 however his swearing-in rite were given held up as Dhankhar, on April 30, assigned the process to Asish Banerjee. The Governor cited Article 188 of the Constitution that states participants of legislative assemblies should take “oath before the Governor, or some person appointed in that behalf by him”. According to conference, it has all the time been the Speaker. But, since remaining 12 months, Dhankhar has refused to permit Speaker Biman Banerjee to manage the oath of place of job to MLAs.

Initially, Asish Banerjee difficult issues via refusing to observe Dhankhar’s directions and announcing {that a} Deputy Speaker purposes best within the Speaker’s absence. But, he relented on Wednesday whilst he expressed displeasure over the location.

The Deputy Speaker accused Dhankhar of seeking to create a rift between him and Biman Banerjee and stated that he modified his thoughts after the Speaker requested him to manage the oath. “I did not want to administer the oath in place of the Speaker. But as Babul Supriyo, despite being elected as an MLA, could not do some important work, I decided to play my role after getting a request from the Speaker. The Governor tried to create a divide between me and the Speaker. But we are together,” Asish Banerjee added.

Despite being at the Assembly premises, Biman Banerjee didn’t attend the swearing-in rite.

After taking the oath, Supriyo thanked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. “I thank Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for providing me with this opportunity and from now onwards I will work according to her instructions. I have worked as a Union minister but had never visited the Assembly before. Today, a new chapter has begun.”

On May 1, Supriyo had appealed to Dhankhar on Twitter to permit Biman Banerjee to preside over the swearing-in rite. But the Governor tweeted again announcing that the general public area was once no longer where to make any such request. The legislator on Wednesday went on to mention, “I started my work as an MLA a long time back. Only the swearing-in was pending. Despite some complications, today the event was completed. There is a saying that all’s well that ends well. It is very true when it comes to this event.”

BJP spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya blamed the state executive’s “stubbornness” for the prolong in Supriyo’s swearing-in. “The Governor has the prerogative of either administering the oath himself or mandating someone else to do so. In this case, West Bengal Governor mandated the Deputy Speaker. But it is the state’s ruling party that made an issue out of it and delayed the process by saying the Speaker should do it,” he added.

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