Save Tulsi plant from dying; know what to do if basil plant dries up again and again


Save your Tulsi plant from loss of life

Save Tulsi Plant from loss of life: Known because the Queen of herbs, Tulsi crops are a should in each Hindu family. Not only for its medicinal homes, basil is regarded as very auspicious in keeping with Hindu traditions and values. Almost all of the Hindus worship the Tulsi plant and make certain that they reserve it from loss of life. A tulsi plant loss of life isn’t regarded as to be excellent. However, again and again folks witness that their basil plant dries up over and over. So listed here are some errors and tricks to revive the tulsi plant and stay it wholesome and inexperienced for a very long time.

Which soil to make use of for Tulsi plant? 

While planting a Tulsi root, remember not to give an excessive amount of water as it’s going to result in fungus within the roots of the plant. Therefore, it’s maximum vital to make a choice the proper soil. Do no longer plant Tulsi most effective within the soil, as a substitute, you should utilize 70 in line with cent soil and 30 in line with cent sand. The good thing about this would be the mix of soil and sand is not going to retain the water which is able to reserve it from rotting.

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How to combine cow dung within the soil for tulsi plant?

Cow dung is of serious significance for crops as this can be a excellent fertiliser. However, there’s a method to make use of it for the Tulsi plant. Dry the cow dung and convert it right into a powder-like shape after which upload it to the soil. Due to this, the Tulsi plant will stay inexperienced in each season.

Which pot to make use of for Tulsi plant?

The mouth of the pot for a basil plant must be broad and it must be deep. Make two holes on the backside of the pot and put a work of paper or a work of earthen pot on the backside. After this, upload soil with cow dung and sand similar to discussed and plant the tulsi in it. This process will lend a hand stay the basil plant contemporary and inexperienced.

How to water Tulsi plant

You can pour water into the Tulsi plant on a daily basis in summers, alternatively, in keeping with Vastu shastra, water must no longer be poured on Sundays. On the opposite hand, in winters, water the plant as soon as in 2-3 days. Whereas within the wet season, there is not any wish to water the basil plant, in reality, reserve it from getting an excessive amount of rainwater as it’s going to rot the plant.

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Pruning of Tulsi plant is essential

Keep plucking the highest leaves of the basil or else the plant will develop tall with fewer leaves. If you stay pruning it from above for the expansion of leaves, then your plant can be dense and leafy. 

What to do with the seeds in Tulsi

Tulsi seeds are also known as Manjari. When those seeds develop, you must kind them out. If the tulsi plant has dried up, then you’ll be able to put those seeds in any other pot and develop them once more. You too can upload those to tea after drying it because it has many medicinal homes.

Use Epsom Salts for Tulsi

If you wish to have, you’ll be able to upload Epsom salts to the basil plant. Put a teaspoon of Epsom Salt in a litre of water and sprinkle it at the leaves and soil of the plant. This can be utilized on any plant for your lawn because it assists in keeping the crops inexperienced.

How to offer protection to Tulsi plant from bugs

Although bugs don’t assault a tulsi plant, if you’re suffering with this downside, then spray neem oil on it. Put 10 drops of neem oil in a single liter of water and spray it within the leaves of the plant to finish this downside.

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